Philip Knape codes for business, for fun and for openness

This is a collection of projects I have enjoyed working on lately.

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Fifteen Revolutionary Sizes

It doesn’t matter how well a garment is made if it doesn’t fit. Yet, for over a century the fashion industry has been satisfied with only five sizes, XS to XL. Perfect for mass production and high street stores, terrible for fit. Think about it: 3.5 billion men on the planet squeezed into just five standard sizes. But without physical stores and with only one collection, there’s no reason for us to conform to that old logic.


Turn tweets into unique design prints

Walls should be unique. Which is why we let you mix a tweet of your choosing with over 5000 design combinations into your very own one-of-a-kind design print.

Please dont rob me!

A social experiment in online behavior

During the summer we scanned instagram for people posting holiday photos in real-time. Each photo we recieved got matched against eniro and if we got an unique hit, we added to our map. On the launch day please dont rob me got 50.000 unique visitors and we have until day collected over 5500 peolpe and their homes

Please rob me is a way to illustrate the danger in posting information online and teach us how the online world works.


Tweet smarter*

Chirrup is a twitter application for when you dont have the perfect words in your tweet. Simply sign-in, write your tweet and hit the synonym button. Chirrup will instantly change your words to its synonym and tweet them for you for the whole world to read. Why? Beacuse its fun :)

Blow some shit up

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Sometimes you just want to see some explosions. Blow some shit up is created for those moments.

Search by tags and quickly find the explosion that fit your mood

Open Source

$ npm publish

For me the goal of free open source development is empowerment: everyone can not only use my code for free but also contribute to and influence it.

Below follows some of my open-source projects. I maninly focus on small reusable components that I can use in my day to day life.